decription for 3 days horse trekking to Arcos de la Frontera

horse trek Arcos AndalusiaMonday afternoon: Arrival at your hotel Cortijo Barranco, about 5km distance from Arcos de la Frontera, Carretera A372 to El Bosque

Tuesday: Transfer to the horses after breakfast, where we tack up together to get a first contact with our fourlegged companions. Today┬┤s ride will lead us through these endless fields with some or another house on the top of a hill, where an open landscape and an open sky will join us. About 4 hours in the saddle, picnic lunch on our way, transfer back to the hotel while the horses stay “outside”.

Wednesday: Breakfast and transfer to the horses to tack up. Old and partly overgrown paths lead us today to the great viewpoint on Arcos de la Frontera, lying on top of a cliff while we come closer and closer. After picnic lunch we cross the little village El Santiscal before we arrive at El Barranco, where horses and riders stay. About 4 hours in thhe saddle.

Thursday: Another long day in the saddle awaits us today after breakfast. 5 hours in the saddle to get back to the horses┬┤ home, along cork trees, a winery and sunflower fields. Picnic lunch on our way and transfer back to the hotel.

Friday: leaving after breakfast.