2 or 3 days horse trek to the pintoresque White Village Zahara de la Sierra + optional day trip to Ronda

From rolling hills into the limestone mountains of the Sierra de Grazalema Nature Park, and to the beautiful mountain view hotel in Zahara de la Sierra. Choose 2 or 3 days on horseback, plus an optional day trip to the famous white town of Ronda!

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Riding holidays in an ancient olive mill manor house of a 450 hectar country estate

barranco patioAmazing surroundings with endless views only a few kms from one the most famous white villages, Arcos de la Frontera. 2,5 days horsetrekking without changing your hotel and a visit with tapas to the old centre of Arcos.

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3 days horse trek on an old train track Via Verde de la Sierra

via-verde-tunelThis trail adventure will surprise you with tunnels and bridges in the stunning anda lusian mountainside, home of vultures and background for some precious White Villages like Olvera, where we are heading for.

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