Sunflower Retreat: Yoga and Horse Riding for YOUR Body 2nd to 8th june 2018

“Let me invite you not to some complicated yoga sessions with very advanced and breakneck postures. I offer you very practical and easy natural healing approach. Each of us is individual and needs little bit different variations or information. I will teach you simple and logical clues how to do yoga (or any other sport) and do not hurt yourself, how to be aware of your unique body. You will learn how to breathe in a healthy and natural way. And you will take home with you as much as possible practical experience – how to stand, sit, cook, dance :o) with healthy alignment of your body.

I have more than 8 years of yoga and clinical pilates teaching experience. I have been studying ever since and will never finish. I focus on helping normal people – mothers after having kids, stressed managers or overtrained sportsmen. I teach them, how to understand asanas, why is it necessary to keep certain posture and how to enjoy those principles even at normal life.

Looking forward to meeting any of you interested in healthy yoga or pilates!

You may enjoy horse back riding in 3 levels as well or instead of horses you are invited to special clinical pilates lessons.

We will move, sweat a bit and enjoy a lot!

Yours Ivona”

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