Where we are:

What to bring:

Riding trousers or comfortable long trousers, boots or trainers (we use securitiy stirrups where you can´t slip in), sun protection, water. Helmets are provided if you do not want to bring your own.


Payments can be made by bank transfer in advance, or in cash at the beginning of your stay. At the moment we can not accept credit cards.

Weight / Height:

Most of our horses are medium size (14,75 to 15,25 hands), so please understand, that we can only accept riders up to 176 pounds / 12,6 stone (80kg).

Opening times / Schedule:

Monday to Sunday 8:00 to 20:00 h


  • Al-Natoura Horse Riding has the obligatory legal liability and accident insurance. Even so we recommend you have your own accident insurance. Our horses are used to walk in the countryside, but they are animals and as such might have unforeseeable reactions. Al-Natoura Horse Riding does not take charge of any damages caused by reasons beyond our responsability. Riders ride under their own responsability.
  • As most of our horses are medium height only, the weight limit for riders is 80kg.
  • The minimum age for riding in the country side is 8 years, the maximum age 80 years
  • We have 10 riding hats for our guests, in sizes between 53 and 62 cm. For the longer rides we recommend to bring your own though, to be sure it fits comfortably for several hours in the saddle.
  • All our stirrups have a security cap, so you can´t slip in.
  • The maximum riding group 4 persons.
  • For the short 1 hour rides, yo can be beginners´level at horse riding. Be aware that your horse is used to walk in the countryside and has done this many times. In case you feel unsecure or in danger, please keep calm and communicate this to your guide, who will be able to advice you in the moment.
  • For the longer rides you should be comfortable in walk, trot and eventually canter, and have ridden in the countryside before.
  • The short rides take place in Paraje El Lugo, Término de Villamartin, or Paraje Cabeza del Rey, Término de Prado del Rey.
  • The itinery of the long rides is described in the program you have booked.
  • In any moment we will be riding in nature, and on the longer rides even in Nature Parks, so please be respectful with your environment and don´t leave papers, cigarettes or any other rubbish on the ground. In the dry summer months, smoking is not allowed.